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Niche Capital Advisors (“Niche”) is a private real estate investment and advisory company specializing in providing short term capital for commercial and residential real estate opportunities. With over 25 years of combined lending, development, and structured finance experience, Niche is able to create solutions to meet your capital needs.

With real estate transactions becoming ever more complex and even faster moving than ever before, it is critical at times to find short-term capital solutions to secure a property while it transitions to stability and more conventional financing.  Each transaction is unique and requires a focused examination on how best to finance the acquisition and/or repositioning of a particular property to ensure it is put on a stable financial footing as the property matures.

Through Niche’s years of experience and extensive relationships in the real estate capital markets, Niche can assist you in navigating this highly-specialized space to provide the best solution for your capital needs.

Whether your financing needs arise from a commercial property or a residential property purchased as an investment, Niche is your capital advisor of choice that can help you determine the best financial solution for your situation.

We offer loans from $1 MM to $20 MM with terms between 1 and 2 years.  Interest rates vary between 8% and 12% depending the collateral and requested loan amount.  Loans can be closed in as little as 2 weeks.

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